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Nancy Roc

Chief Executive Officer | Incas Productions Inc.


Nancy Roc puts her many skills sets to good use as a journalist, media and event producer, and entrepreneur. Currently, she is chief executive officer of Incas Productions, Inc., a production company based in Montreal, Quebec.

Ms. Roc began her career as a journalist in 1986, subsequently becoming the first Haitian correspondent for the CNN World Report and then serving as a correspondent for NBC News. Since then, she has worked for many of the world's other leading media agencies, including CBC, TV5 and the Voice of America.

Today, Ms. Roc's focus is on the effort to rebuild Haiti. One of her primary goals for Inca Productions is to promote the improvement of Haiti's image in the international community. She also hopes to create jobs and facilitate education and training. To accomplish these ambitious goals, she embraces all forms of media, including videos, Websites, press campaigns, roundtables, forums, conferences and cultural events.

Ms. Roc holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in communications from the University of Arizona and a certificate in environmental studies. She is affiliated with numerous professional, civic and charitable organizations, including Action for a New Haiti, the Professional Federation of Quebec Journalists and the Commission for the Fight Against Aids. Her journalism and activism have won a multitude of awards.

Away from the demands of her work, Ms. Roc enjoys reading, movies and the beach.

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